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straight talk class action lawsuit

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1 straight talk class action lawsuit on January 2nd 2011, 11:50



I can so relate to this one. I bought my phone in Texas. After getting jacked around for about an hour just to get the stupid thing turned on. They screwed up the internet part of it so I couldn't get on to check weather. mails, etc. I tried to call them in the morning and they retards had the phone turned off.... So here goes another 30 min on the phone they turned it back on and damn if i didn't have a different number.... And the internet STILL didn't work. Call them back.. "Yes sir. it will be about 24 hours for the new setting to take effect." About a week and a dozen 20 or so min calls later. It finally got working completely. Then the stupid thing shut off again. (I had auto renewal) This went on for a couple months. Long and short of that one when the bumb asses reset my phone the 1st day they didn't move the phone Id number to my new phone number. So the auto renew never kicked in. While filing a BBB complaint against them (which was the only way after about 6 months of fighting i got any real support.) I found out about the above. they did give me a month free service. (which a month for them is 30 days even if the month has 31 in it.) I also found out they are a sub company of track phone. The BBB to file on them is below.

Get em people. cheers


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