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Bomb Squads Use $225,000 Bomb Disposal Robots to Make Pancakes

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The $225,000 robots used by bomb squads have been given a chance
to shine in the culinary world during a three day training exercise
involving six teams at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico.
One of the exercises in controlling the robot involved mixing,
cooking, and serving pancakes, which were then judged by Mary Salazar,
Erica DeSmett, and Valine Griego, a Los Alamos intern and two Sandia
National Laboratory coordinators, respectively.
The verdict on the state police robot´s cooking was that it was
just as well it was pancakes and not public safety. The pancakes were
only cooked on one side. The Santa Fe team fared much better, presenting
the judges with "pretty good" pancakes.

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